360 Watt Power Steering Upgrade Kit for Yamaha YXZ 1000R /SS – Hess Motorsports

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The Hess Motorsports 360 Watt Power Steering Upgrade Kit for the YXZ 1000R or YXZ 1000SS is a great addition to our YXZ Steering Quickener or even your stock YXZ.

It is no doubt the stock Yamaha power steering system lacks power. At only 170 watts the unit needs some help especially if you run steering quickeners for racing or larger tires for trail riding and rock crawling. We now have a solution that will make your Yamaha steering effortless. Our kit at 360 watts is more than double the stock output which makes steering very smooth and easy. Our kit is also not speed sensitive which means it will be easy at idle or at speed.

Now you can run the same Power Steering systems we use on our race cars!

  • 360 Watt Complete bolt in kit
  • Over Double the Stock Output
  • Adapter to weld your oem steering shaft
  • Effortless steering
  • No Soldering Required all Plug and Play Wiring
  • Trimming of stock cover as well as a small area on bottom of dash required
  • Works with stock steering wheel or equivalent
  • Excellent Upgrade if you have 2:1 or 1.5:1 Quickener or Larger Tires

Note: We have to know if you have a 2:1,1.5:1, or stock steering to send you the proper upper steering shaft.

Weight 15 lbs


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