Corbeau Seats – APEX – Yamaha YXZ1000 [w/ Brackets]

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The all-new Corbeau Apex seat combines everything that was missing in a quality side by side seat, with the quality and design that Corbeau is so well known for. For over 50 years, Corbeau has provided the world with the best in seating, including carbon fiber race seats, European luxury seats, American Muscle seats, Off Road Suspension seats, and more. You’ll be amazed at how much less body fatigue you’ll have after a ride in the Apex compared to the factory seats.

Some of the key differences that set the Apex apart from other side by side seats include; injection molded foam and plastic harness grommets. If you remove the cover from the Apex and other side by side seats, you’ll notice that most other seats use cut foam, which becomes lumpy and wears down quickly, especially the way side by sides are driven. The Apex uses an injection molded foam, which holds it’s shape and form for years and can withstand the aggressive driving commonly done with side by sides. The shoulder harness slots on the Apex are not just a cut out of the material, which will wear out quickly when rubbed on by shoulder harnesses. The Apex uses a custom-made plastic harness grommet, which will prevent premature wear and tear to your seats.

The lateral bolster support on the Apex is second to none and was specifically designed to eliminate body shifting while driving. Anyone who has driven in a side by side knows how much effort is required to prevent yourself from sliding around in your seat while driving aggressively. The strategically placed bolsters, coupled with the carbon fiber vinyl, which is known to provide more grip, will virtually eliminate any body shifting while driving.

The Apex comes with all the necessary brackets to install in your RZR and with the release tab in the back, can be removed in a matter of seconds. The Apex is available in all black, black/orange with orange offset stitching, black/white with red offset stitching, and black/silver with silver offset stitching. We use a carbon fiber vinyl for an added look of luxury and to provide added grip. Side by side specific harness belts are also available to compliment your Apex seats. Whether on the street or offroad, the Apex seat will not only improve the look of your vehicle but also your overall driving experience.


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