Rogue Powersports Wind Screen Windshield




We have run the Rogue Power-screens and love them. They are an excellent alternative to windshields and are excellent for warn climates. They especially keep the bugs out when you’re on an evening ride with the family.

Hand built in Dallas Texas, the Rogue Windscreen provides unmatched durability, visibility and protection while eliminating the hassles commonly found with traditional windshields. More airflow not only keeps you cool but helps carry dust out of the cab faster; no more vacuum behind the windshield caused by circulating air. Our UV resistant, high strength mesh material provides optimal clarity and won’t scratch; giving you a clear view of the trail, track or dunes at all times.  Lastly, we get a lot of questions about mud.  While not all mud is created equal, most mud is easily deflected with only small remnants left behind that are easily removed with a simple “flick” of the screen.  No more exiting the cab to wipe dust or mud off just so you can see. 

Features & Benefits

  • -Won’t Scratch
  • -Improves Airflow
  • -Less Glare
  • -Repels Mud
  • -Better Visibility

Product Specifications

  • Heavy duty polypropylene webbing (resistant to UV light, mildew and antimicrobial properties.)  Tensile strength of 1500 lbs.
  • 4mm L foam neoprene with textured backing for more slip resistance and strength. Ozone and UV Resistant.
  • Gore Tenara thread. Resistant to UV light and will not weaken or degrade over time.  Will outlast the material it is sewn to.
  • Heavy Duty coil marine grade zippers.
  • Mesh product engineered to provided optical clarity without sacrificing strength and durability.  Flame resistant.


    Additional information

    Weight5 lbs


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