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This listing by Action Offroad is for one All Balls Carburetor Repair Kit for a Honda TRX 450ER.

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This listing by Action Offroad is for one All Balls Carburetor Repair Kit for a Honda TRX 450ER. Kits include all of the necessary components to repair a carburetor.

All Balls Carburetor Repair Kit Features:

  • Kits are intended for closed course racing only
  • NBR rubber material is used on all O-rings and rubber gaskets. NBR has excellent resistance to the ethanol used in today’s fuels
  • Components included in the kits are based off of US models and discretion must be used when attempting to install the kit on a non US model
  • All gaskets and O-rings including intake gaskets before and after the carburetor
  • Float bowl, carburetor cap, and accelerator pump screws
  • Extended fuel mixture screw with spring, washer, and O-ring
  • Float needle valve with FMK tip
  • Accelerator pump diaphragm spring and boot
  • Emulsion tube with slide needle
  • 3 main jets and 3 pilot jets that can be used to tune a stock machine or a modified one

Brand Number: 26-1359

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Honda TRX 450R History

The TRX 450R is high performance All-terrain vehicle manufactured by Honda powersports. While the CRF450R and the TRX450R share the same displacement number, there are very few of the same components between the two engines. Initially, many people were disappointed because the first TRX450R was very weak compared to the CRF450R. Honda claims that it designed the TRX450R engine to produce more torque so that the engine was more suited for ATV purposes. In 2004 and 2005, the only interchangeable part between the ATV and motorcycle engines was the camshaft. In 2006, Honda overhauled the TRX450R engine to make it more similar to its motorcycle variant. This included a more aggressive cam profile, a larger bore with a shortened stroke, a new, short skirt piston and titanium rather than steel valves. In addition, Honda changed the carburetor from a 42 mm Keihin butterfly type to a 40 mm Keihin FCR. This increased the power from about 33 horsepower (25 kW) in the first generation to over 41 horsepower (31 kW) in the second. The first generation engine had a 10.5:1 compression ratio while the second generation had a 12:1 compression ratio.

Learn more about the Honda TRX 450R model history.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 5.50 × 3.60 × .70 in


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