CST Pulse Front Tire


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CST Pulse Front Tire

The Pulse by CST is the sport ATV tire that provides adrenaline-pumping traction. The front features a heightened carcass profile and knobs with numerous biting edges for maximum steering assurance. The rear tread has optimal spacing designed for any terrain, from loose loam to hardpack. All have a 6-ply rated carcass that minimizes sidewall roll for cornering with confidence.

  • Fast-rolling center tread increases straight-line stability
  • Angled shoulder knobs with numerous biting edges for cornering
  • Heightened carcass profile for maximum steering assurance
  • 15 degree knob angle ensures predictable sliding and extends life
  • Optimized spacing for any terrain, from loose loam to hardpack
  • 6-ply rated carcass minimizes flex in hard corners



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Weight10 lbs

21X7.00-10, 22X7.00-10, 23X7.00-10


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