ECU Flash for Honda Talon 1000

SKU: 11491456787-ecu-flash-for-yxz-1000
1-3 Day Delivery

  • ECU Flash for Honda Talon 1000 Models
  • Horsepower and Torque gains throughout the power curve
  • Optimized Ignition Timing
  • Raised Rev Limit  
  • Speed limit raised to 95 MPH
  • Must run 91- 93 octane or higher
  • Launch Control Option $50 add on: ( Ability to take off with engine revved up for drag racing)
  • Optimized Transmission shifting
  • Ability to adjust Transmission for different tire sizes
  • Lowered Radiator Fan On Temperatures
  • Must send in ECU to our shop in Muenster, Texas.
  • 1 Day Turnaround

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