GBC Dirt Devil Tire

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GBC Dirt Devil Tire

This 6-ply rated radial tire’s compound was reformulated with more natural rubber for its elastic properties. Traction spikes were added for ultimate grip and durability in a wide range of terrain: light mud, dirt, gravel, and hardpack. Each lug is dimpled with more biting edges for better traction and stability. A surprisingly aggressive tread pattern means the Dirt Devil offers a great experience no matter what type of landscape you’re looking to dominate. A/T tire has a tread depth of .625” and the X/T model tread depth is 1.21”

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A/T 22×11-8, A/T 22×11-9, A/T 25×12-9, A/T 22×8-10, A/T 22Xx1-10, A/T 23×8-10, A/T 23×10-10, A/T 24×11-10, A/T 25×12-10, A/T 23×8-11, A/T 24×8-11, A/T 24×9-11, A/T 24×9-11, A/T 24×10-11, A/T 25×10-11, A/T 25×8-12, A/T 25×10-12, X/T 26×10-12, X/T 27×10-12, X/T 28×10-12, X/T 26×12-12, X/T 27×12-12


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