GBC Terra Master Tire

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GBC Terra Master Tire

• Steel belted radial design for stronger core and greater wear resistance
• 10-Ply Rated Construction
• Asymmetrical tread pattern for dual benefits and performance characteristics
• Meets and exceeds DOT standards
• Designed to combat a wide variety of terrains and conditions
• Non-Directional design for excellent responsiveness in any direction
• Powered by years of research and field testing
• Side A – Recommended mounted out for soft to intermediate terrain
• Side B – Recommended mounted out for intermediate to hard terrain

Weight N/A

27x9R-12, 27x11R-12, 27x9R-14, 27x10R-14, 27x11R-14, 28x10R-14, 30x10R-14, 31x10R-14, 30x10R-15, 32x10R-15


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