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The Can-Am X3 exhaust systems are available as a Dual Full Turbo-Back System in the Performance Series, a Dual Full Turbo-Back System in the Titan Series, a Single Full Turbo-Back Big Core in the Titan Series, and a Slip-On style Muffler Delete.

The Dual Full Turbo-Back Systems use dual 16” silencers, retain the original downpipe heat shields, and include a mounting bracket that not only serve to mount the HMF silencers, but also acts as a brace between the cargo bed and gearbox.  

Performance Series
Dual Full Turbo-Back
The dual 4” Aluminum silencers pick up 6 hp and 4 ft-lbs with a 10-12 dB increase in sound. The entire system weighs about 14.5 lbs, significantly less than the stock exhaust system.

Titan Series
Dual Full Turbo-Back
The dual 5” Stainless Steel silencers pick up 5-7 hp and 4-5 ft-lbs with a 5-9 dB increase in sound. The entire system weighs in at 23 lbs which is heavier than the Performance Series, but still less than stock and adds extra durability to the system. Available in both the Loud (XL) and Quiet (QS) options.

Titan-SS Series
Single Big Core Full Turbo-Back
The single 5” Stainless Steel silencer and unrestricted 2.5” downpipe was designed and built for serious racing and enthusiasts alike.  The silencer uses a 2.5” core to match the downpipe and minimizes back pressure on the turbo and helps to keep the turbo spooled for the best possible throttle response. Due to the placement of the Big Core silencer this system is designed to work with 72” wide X3 models.  Narrower 64” wide models may require vehicle modifications to prevent the suspension and tires from contacting the exhaust. 

Muffler Delete 
The Slip-On Muffler Delete System is a no core pipe that replaces the stock silencer.  The system picks up 3 hp and 3 ft-lbs with a 14-22 dB increase in sound. When installed, the stock plastic fascia and spark arrestor are retained to keep the machine looking stock.  While the exhaust will look almost stock, the sound is anything but, and is not for the faint of heart. 


What is the Blackout Option?

Aesthetics finally meets utility and performance. Take any Performance or Titan Series exhaust and blackout the head pipe, inlet and end cap with a high temperature ceramic coating that increases impact strength while increasing resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and chemicals.

Capable of withstanding up to 1200°F, this ceramic based finish is formulated to withstand the extreme temperatures from an exhaust system. As a result, your exhaust should have less intense exposure to the elements, protecting you for any application or use.


NOTE: Fuel Tuning is absolutely required when installing an HMF Exhaust on this machine.

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