I-4×4 Override/ Lock- Honda Talon

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The HONDA Talon’s 4×4 system is ECU controlled. Sometimes the system will kick out the 4×4 capabilities and then leave you with only being able to use the Talon in 2×4 mode. This 4×4 override kit allows you to keep the 4×4 engaged all time or revert back to stock 4×4 functions.

To simplify what this switch does: The switch engages the clutch and puts power to the differential. With our switch turned on and the I-4×4 ON as well you have a fully functioning I-4×4 that the ECU can not disable 4×4. With our switch turned on and I-4×4 turned OFF, you will have 3 wheel drive that braking is not affecting the front wheels. With both switches off you have normal 2WD. 

  • Only switchable kit to revert back to stock on the market
  • OEM connectors
  • Easy Installation
  • No Splicing Needed 

Note: The problems with I-4×4 are MORE prevalent with larger over sized tires. 


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