Michelin Starcross 5 Soft Rear Tire

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Michelin Starcross 5 Soft Rear Tire

For use on firm soil to soft and sandy conditions
High performance in softer terrain
• Specifically designed to provide a high level of performance on a wider range of terrain from firm soil, grass, mud, and even sand.

Maximum traction in soft conditions
• Mud-Phobic Bars maximize cleaning capability to prevent mud and dirt from building up between the knobs, which insures maximum traction and acceleration.

Maximized feedback at varying lean angles
• The intermediate tread blocks on the Soft tire are positioned in staggered rows to maximize traction and feedback throughout varying lean angles.

Up to 10% lighter compared to the previous
generation 1

Weight N/A

100/100-18, 110/100-18, 120/90-18, 100/90-19, 110/90-19, 120/80-19


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