NASH Filter Cleaning Machine

SKU: NS0484
1-3 Day Delivery

The world’s first and only powersport automated air filter cleaner machine.


Model 10L is capable of cleaning any reusable air filter to a maximum of 10″x10″x4″. Our machine goes beyond a surface clean like traditional cleaning methods and provides you a deep clean like no other method can offer.  NASH Solutions is giving you a machine that not only provides the cleanest filter, it will save you time and money. In fact, for an amateur rider, the average return on investment is after just 13 filter washes.


Using our machine, you will also see cleaner airflow which means longer intervals between rebuilds. Better airflow means less power restriction and better fuel consumption. Although, we still recommend you follow the manufacturers guidelines when it comes to servicing your powersport equipment.


COMING SOON! For even better results, pair your Air Filter Cleaner with Nash Solutions Biodegradable Liquid Gold. This cleaning liquid will remove oil and grease while breaking down everything from dirt, grit and grime.

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