Sport Radius Rods with 5/8 FK Heim Joints (Polaris RZR XP 1000/ Turbo / SKU 703111)

SKU: 9747493255-copy-of-pro-radius-rods-7075-aluminum-with-5-8-fk-heim-joints-polaris-rzr-xp-1000-turbo-sku-703012
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Polaris RZR XP 1000 Sport Radius Rods using 5/8 FK Heim Joints. 

Sport Radius Rods

  • Fully Adjustable 5/8” threaded FK rod ends
  • Race Proven and Tested
  • Color – Hess Gray

Optional Weld In Frame Certs – 4 pack – $50 

Add our weld in frame certs eliminate the need for a nut to mount the radius rods to the frame. There is very little room between the frame and transmission making it difficult to install/remove the radius rods. Our weld in certs allow you to bolt straight to the frame. No more busted knuckles! 

  • Threaded Certs that can be welded to the frame that eliminates the need for a nut
  • Recommended for various applications such as the Rear Radius Rods on the RZRs
  • Eliminates the frame hole from “Egg Shaping” when the bolts get loose
  • 10mm X 1.25 Thread Pitch
  • 4 certs per kit
  • Eliminates the need for aftermarket double sheer radius rod plate
  • Recommended Application – Reinforced mounting points for the rear radius rods. Allows for quick removal and installation of radius rod bolts. 
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