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bearing, steering housing, replaces YAMAHA # 93306-20352-00

bolt, engine, bottom

bolt, engine, mount, top

bolt, engine, mount, top, right

bolt, engine, mounts, front, 1

bolt, engine, mounts, front, 2

bolt, foot peg studs, front

bolt, foot peg studs, rear

bolt, skid plate

cap, front, replaces YAMAHA part# 18P-2111A-00-00

chain roller, replaces YAMAHA # 5TG-22178-01-00

foot peg stud, left, replaces YAMAHA part# 1TD-F7411-00-00

foot peg stud, right, replaces YAMAHA part# 1TD-F7421-00-00

gusset, linkage mount, bolts in to reinforce the lower linkage mounting bracket, drill & tap required 6m-1.00 & 8m-1.25

gusset kit, steering column, welding required

mount, engine, front, left, replaces YAMAHA part# 18P-21316-00-00

mount, engine, front, right, replaces YAMAHA part# 18P-21317-00-00

mount, engine, top

pivot kit, steering housing, replaces YAMAHA #’s 93306-20352-00, 93102-25081-00, 93102-25099-00

plug, 1

plug, 2

retaining nut, steering housing

seal, steering column, 1, replaces YAMAHA # 93102-25081-00

seal, steering column, 2, replaces YAMAHA # 93102-25099-00

skid plate

skid plate cushion

steering housing, welding required, this item replaces the stock configuration


Bearing, steering housing, Bolt, engine bottom, Bolt, engine mount top, Bolt, engine mount, top right, Bolt, engine mount front 1, Bolt, engine mount front 2, Bolt, foot peg studs front, Bolt, foot peg studs rear, Bolt, skid plate, Chain roller, Foot peg stud left, Guard, nerf bars mount, Gusset kit, steering housing, Gusset, linkage mount, Mount, engine front left, Mount, engine front right, Mount, engine top, Pivot kit, steering housing, Plug 1, Plug 2, Retaining nut, steering housing, Seal, steering housing 1, Seal, steering housing 2, Skid plate, Skid plate cushion, Steering housing