Savage UTV Customizable Storage Case

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Needing to carry that special tool or device with you on the trail? This Storage Case is customizable to fit your needs!

Storing your UTV drive belt in an environment containing dirt, mud, dust, debris, moisture, or objects that rub against it will damage your belt. All of these negatively effect the performance of your belt and can result in early failure. Protect your belt by securely storing it in a 100% airtight, waterproof, locked case that can be easily mounted to any size roll cage or flat surface.

100% Dust Proof
100% Waterproof (IP67 Rated)
* Holds (2) UTV Belts 
* Flat mounted or mounts to any size roll cage
* Made of UV resistant injection molded plastic


Stainless steel mounting hardware, (1) customizable foam insert

Wildcat XX or Textron belts will not fit in the Savage UTV case. 

(Tools, and belt not included) Complete kit available.


Weight 5 lbs


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